RamBase Cloud ERP Sales offers support to a complete sales pipe which stretches from working with ‘cold’ opportunities to following up your backlog and deliveries with a very high level of control. With the Sales Module in RamBase Cloud ERP, you can get full control of all registered opportunities, easily see the value of your total sales pipe, determine your hit rate, and examine your lead quality.


Give your sales team the tools to control the entire end-to-end sales process, from opportunity management, quoting,  order fulfillment, invoicing, payments, and customer renewals.



thumb-up-blue           SALES REPORTING

Following up on key sale metrics, such as win rate, average deal size and customer backlog, is crucial for detecting discrepancies and implementing the necessary improvement measures to reach higher profits.



goals-blue           SMART PRICE QUOTING

With automated sale tools, you can stop relying on spreadsheets to calculate your sale quotes. Work faster, smarter and easier with full access to the data you need to get the deal done.



Key Capabilities

  • Registration of opportunities and requests to fuel the sales pipe
  • Advanced versioned quoting for both products and projects, with support for back-traced quoting against suppliers
  • Backlog management with real-time delivery information from production and procurement
  • See your total sales prognosis​
  • Configurable sales processes – from lead to order in one system​
  • All leads and opportunities in one view​
  • Convert quote to order in a couple of clicks​
  • Automated task creation in every step of the process

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