Agencylife: Three Project Management Killers

You want to give your agency’s project managers ready access to the information they need to develop an accurate, detailed scope of work. You also need to provide them with real-time information on burn rate and team efficiency so they are able to adjust fire, re-allocate resources, or, if necessary, to back to the client to discuss adjusting the budget if necessary.

Encompassing all these concerns, project managers also must know who on staff the best fit for a particular project is and whether or not they have bandwidth. The goal is to have the right person on the right project at exactly the right time. The consistent aspect for all of these concerns boils down to making sure your PMs have all the data they need to plan, staff and manage every project so that it satisfies client expectations while remaining as profitable as possible.

How ERP has evolved and where it’s headed next.

If a business expects to grow, they’ll need robust tools that will help support and enable that growth. You can no longer track all of your sales, customer orders, production schedules, and other necessary information on spreadsheets alone. Some niche tools may work for a time, but as you scale, you need a solution that will give you the big picture of your organization in one place.

That’s what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are built for: collecting everything you need to know about how your business runs into one interface. Not only can an ERP gather and synthesize the data produced by every facet of your company, it provides insights into areas of improvement so that you can upgrade upon your operations and increase your productivity.

Understanding file-based integrations in RamBase

File-based integration is a widely used approach for data integration. File transfer is often associated with legacy systems where API integrations are unavailable. However, modern software systems handle files as well, such as remittances, invoices, etc. File integration will then be used to change the documents to fit the required standard of the external system.

RamBase Definitions  

Sales tools made for manufacturing and wholesale (RamBase)

Thriving under a broken sales process is difficult, and if your team is feeling the weight of similar stressors, it could be time to take a look at what's going on. Ask yourself a few questions, Does your team have to switch between applications or excel workbooks constantly? What if the information is outdated or incomplete? Do your workflows make sense? Can you easily view the information you need without needing to disrupt on other departments? 

If these questions bring up familiar pain points and you're part of a sales team trying to find a way to speed up the sale of your manufacturing products, this is for you! 

Finance Best Practice: Three Ways Professional Services Firms Can Manage Project Financials in the Current Economic Climate

So, how do you adapt? How do you manage your project financials and ensure you’re managing the new challenges whilst continuing to deliver profitable projects?

With the right processes in place, you can take the pressure off your team and ensure smooth financial operations. Below are three ways you can help your finance team navigate the careful balancing act of profitable service delivery.

Three Steps Toward a More Efficient Agency in 2023

The abrupt transition a few years ago to a work-from-home model, the challenge of offering more services, and in some cases, the burden of instituting salary freezes weren't easy waters to navigate. With inflation increasing and whispers of a potential recession on the horizon, your decision-making responsibilities aren't likely to get any easier anytime soon. No pressure, right?

We want to share three steps you can take right now to become more efficient as we head into 2023 to set your agency up for future success.

10 signs your manufacturing business needs a modern ERP system by RamBase

These scenarios may pose the question of whether a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution could improve the business. At this point, it can be countered with concerns about risk, disruption, and cost, which are all completely valid and addressable points. But all too often, a subjective acceptance of the status quo can be reached too early, shutting down any further consideration of a more thorough systems review.

Without a complete full-blown failure or an end-of-life situation with your existing IT systems, knowing at what point you need a modern ERP system, can be challenging.

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