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Sales tools made for manufacturing and wholesale (RamBase)

Sales tools made for manufacturing and wholesale (RamBase)

Thriving under a broken sales process is difficult, and if your team is feeling the weight of similar stressors, it could be time to take a look at what's going on. Ask yourself a few questions, Does your team have to switch between applications or excel workbooks constantly? What if the information is outdated or incomplete? Do your workflows make sense? Can you easily view the information you need without needing to disrupt on other departments? 

If these questions bring up familiar pain points and you're part of a sales team trying to find a way to speed up the sale of your manufacturing products, this is for you! 

The sales enablement platform for manufacturing and wholesale.
If you're selling in the B2B manufacturing industry, the question is often what accelerates your operation and performance. The simple answer is: to sell more; your team needs to know more. It's tempting to resort to a "quick" stand-alone solution. Still, more often than not, it creates a further division between departments and information becomes as siloed as the spreadsheets you were originally working with.

The Sales Module in RamBase syncs with other areas of your business such as Production, Finance, Logistics, Quality, CRM, and MRP. No more waiting around for answers or switching between platforms. The RamBase Cloud ERP system keeps your sales team aligned on critical numbers, products, and customer information in one platform.  

The need for customer transparency and internal controls
As your business grows, so will your need for internal controls. Your sales team needs to know which opportunities to go ahead with and less time waiting for approval emails. With RamBase, you get full transparency into your customer's credit notes and billing history so you can catch and address potential risks early on. 

With RamBase, your sales team can:

  • Create accurate and professional quotes, sales orders or send order confirmations 
  • Easily add or upsell related products/components
  • View production lead time, sales price, margins, and product details
  • See available products based on location
  • View information on transactions and how they affect visible and available stock
  • Be in control of your pricing at every step of the sales process with our Sales Calculator 
  • Check against the customer's credit limit, outstanding payments, and billing history

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