Whether your purchase need derives from a sales order, customer forecast, internal or external production work order or simply to assure the correct minimum stock quantity level – RamBase Cloud ERP Procurement Module has streamlined and automated processes that ensure all needs are meet and handled together. Manage your supplier relationship in a user-friendly interface with all the necessary information and purchase history saved. Improve cost savings by introducing configurable spend management rules to ensure that purchases are compliant with your procurement policy.

life cycle-blue    SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT

Build a strong and long-term relationship with your suppliers for a more streamlined and effective supply chain for your organization.



trolley-blue (1)    PURCHASING

Automate the process of acquiring goods and services, and be more agile with purchase orders generated from approved requisitions.



documentation-blue    CONTRACT MANAGEMENT

Improve contract visibility and reduce time spent searching for contracts, with all your contracts stored in one place and get notified when they expire.



Key Capabilities: 

  • Supplier relationship management (SRM).
  • Automated generation of purchasing needs from different departments.
  • Quoting against suppliers to get the best prices available.
  • Purchasing on order or ‘bulk’ level.
  • Backlog management with change management capabilities.
  • Extend your supplier offering with access to a customized Supplier Portal.
  • Advanced claiming functionality against suppliers.
  • Delivery Performance Statistics, for examining if deliveries have been done early, on time or late.

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