Save time and improve efficiency with automated human resource processes that cover most of the day-to-day processes in people management.  The Human Resource (HR) module in RamBase delivers key personnel management functionality ready to use for both management and each employee.


people-blue (1)    PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT

Manage a detailed personnel archive where all employees are allowed to maintain their own profile. Follow our RamBase GDPR user guide to stay in line with regards to storage of personal data.



stopwatch-blue      WORK HOURS MANGEMENT

Keep track of work hours, absences, allowances, leave and holidays for all your employees.  Integrate easily with time clock software and payroll systems. Work hour statistics are easily accessible.




Manage all your employee’s competencies, education, courses and certificates with an easy-to-use competency matrix. Employees can maintain and update their own detailed qualifications profile.


Qualification Capabilities:

  • Overview of all competence areas and your employee’s level of knowledge.
  • Easily set a competence score for each employee, department, and role.
  • Review, track and update competence requirements for your organization.
  • Ensure compliance towards competence requirements in ISO9001:2015 clause 7.2
  • Automatic and configurable reports and statistics to get valuable information to improve HR.
  • Possibility to make and print CV for each employee.

Work Hour Capabilities:

  • Mobile app and remote clock-in options for a distributed or remote workforce.
  • Easily integrate with your payroll service of choice.
  • Absence statistics can be extracted directly from Rambase.
  • Digital forms for work hour registration of short-term absence, sick leave, care of children, etc.
  • Automatic entry of holidays in worklists
  • Different regulated working hours arrangements to suit various employees’ needs.
  • Work hour summary for each day, week, month, and years


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