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Business Development and Resource Planning

Business Development and Resource Planning

However, for the activities of BD to deliver the desired results to the business rather than to be problematic, it is essential to ensure the flow of information, collaboration and communication between the business and other departments, primarily the Operations and HR departments. There are these departments that are measured in the next steps to ensure that the promises made to customers are delivered promptly. A large group of specialists with adequate qualifications to carry out the project must be provided. Besides, they must be available when needed.

This is very important for the company, as the lack of adequate resources may lead to overtime, weakening of the teams involved in other projects already underway, delays in implementation, etc. As a result, the project may become unprofitable, and both customers and employees would be unhappy.

Only apparently such coordination and the flow of information between departments seems simple and obvious.  The bigger the company, the harder it is.  The sales department must have current, reliable information about the availability of individual employees and their assignment to work both at a given moment and in the future. On the other hand, Implementation and HR departments need to be aware of what offerings (what scope of work, when and under what conditions) are being discussed with potential customers to plan working organization, possible training, or even the need to hire new employees. It is them who will deliver on the promises made to the customer by the sales force. It is necessary to know when and which employees will be needed, whether they have the appropriate competencies, whether the level of employment is optimal, and at what stages are ongoing projects and what new projects, especially large ones, are planned.

Companies that want to communicate well with each department and keep the flow of information up and running need to develop appropriate procedures in this area. In today's world, it is also worth taking advantage of the supporting IT technologies and solutions for business. 

Maconomy People Planner is a tool for optimizing human resource planning. It allows you to plan each phase of a project with the resources you need at each stage. It helps you to determine which employees are available to work on each stage of the project. By integrating with other Maconomy products, you have the option to view approved and planned orders, so you can assess future needs. An additional advantage for the people who manage the company's human resources is the ability to assess the information which employees have free time and who are overburdened. This function can help to avoid the wrong distribution of work and thus the need for overtime and fatigue as well as the disincentive of workers.

Managers need solid, concrete information about their business operations to make conscious and relevant decisions and develop long-term strategies. It is therefore of such importance that there is well-coordinated cooperation between departments and awareness of ongoing and planned projects. It is worth noting that in today's highly competitive market, customers are paying great attention to to timely execution of orders. Effective communication solutions will certainly bring organizations not only profits, smooth and efficient operations, but also more motivated team and satisfied customers.

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