12 September 2018

iScala is a winner of Enterprise Product of the Year

iScala was commended for helping businesses tackle growth in reality of an ever-changing global compliance reality.  Changes in the latest version of iScala have meant that customers worldwide are being supported to innovate, grow their business, and improve efficiency.

That’s no mean feat. Research shows that last year 39% of global businesses found growth challenging, a figure that has since risen further to 45%.  Growth is becoming harder than ever for businesses to achieve, and this is even more the case in the context of ever-changing global compliance requirements.

Key challenges that iScala has been recognized for helping its customers overcome include:

Growth requires quick access to business data

Each iScala user now has a home screen tailored to their specific needs and business functions, giving users easy access to the information they need every day.

A lack of innovation can hold businesses back

For businesses that want to innovate, the latest version underpins new ways of working with its mobile and automation capabilities. For example, the mobile warehouse app (available on Android and iOS) automates and simplifies key day-to-day operations, such as checking barcodes and recording stock-taking activities from a mobile device.

Automation of everyday tasks

iScala helps businesses improve efficiency and reduce time spent on every day. For example, it helps businesses save crucial financial management time by copying general ledger transactions, thereby limiting the number of repetitive entries finance teams otherwise have to make during book-entry processes.  Key functional data entry programs are also consolidated into one single collapsible form so that users can quickly look up the supplier/customer or inventory/asset details of every order.

Meeting multiple local compliance requirements

New capabilities in the iScala Electronic Compliance Platform help businesses deliver country-specific reporting and filing, and structured output reports. The platform also simplifies cross-currency supplier payments, and assists with relevant customer declaration information where, for example, import VAT needs to be reported to the authorities.   

iScala helps customers implement effective governance, mitigate risk, and improve controls in order to help them grow their businesses. If you are interested to get more information – contact us!

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