01 June 2017

iScala 3.1 is now available! See the revolutionary changes in the new version!

Not only the web interface improves navigation. In the new version you can find also simple switching between application tabs or the ability to choose predefined color schemes. System functions filtering, easy customization of the start-up screen and tips for recently used features will make it easier for new and infrequent users of the application.

Many functional changes have also been introduced, including the ability to copy of the General Ledger transactions. When the original GL transaction is very complicated or when there is a need to enter exactly the same transaction in the forthcoming book-entry periods you can use new function just to copy transaction. It can help you to make accountancy easier, save time and to reduce the number of repetitive entries.



BIN management is currently supported in the Service and Contract Management modules. 
It allows for more effective management of spare parts and components.

Epicor iScala Mobile Access 2.0 provides enhanced web access to ERP solution.

Designed by RWD technology, ICE portal, provides comfortable access to the functionality
 of the ERP system from any browser-capable device. 
For example – let’s say that as a purchasing manager, you need to approve purchase orders – 
ICE portal will allow you to approve and process those orders  from your phone,
iPAD or laptop. ICE portal technology allows us to meet the needs of remote workers, 
workers who rely on information from the ERP but don’t’ need to transact in the ERP itself, 
and simply those on the go. 3.1 gives you also an opportunity for mobile access of the ERP system. server over the secure connection to read and submit the changes.iScala customers. The current version of the application supports stock taking operations and uses the device's camera to read barcodes on the inventory items. It allows you to quickly count the items in your store and record the results. The application connects to iScala Epicor Warehouse Manager is a purpose built mobile application for iScalaThe

back office ERP from the mobile device.iScala it is stored locally on your device and you can safely interrupt your work and continue when appropriate. When the operation is complete you can submit the data to your iScala EpicorUntil the data is submitted to

Users can perform operations by warehouse or by warehouse locations. Multiple devices can be used simultaneously to carry out the Stock Taking on a single Warehouse if required.

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