17 September 2019

In response to customer needs, Deltek develops its software

Deltek Maconomy system is dedicated to companies from the professional services industry. Deltek, in response to market demand, has developed a Hey Deltek service for Maconomy, where users speak commands or enter them in an uncoded language, and Maconomy does the rest, whether it's meeting or navigation to a specific screen, report generation or many other tasks. Users can also get answers to questions and get directions on individual screens. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to increase efficiency and significantly save time. The solution is simple, intuitive and user friendly. Until now, this function was only passive, but it is planned to develop it to proactively suggest tasks to users by analyzing patterns and behaviors. For example, if a user generates a given report regularly every Friday, the system will remind him to perform the given task. Hey Deltek is expected to be available in early 2020.

Users appreciate the fact that the Maconomy system includes such a large amount of diverse data and information as well as its rich functionality. However, the problem was their further translation into specific, useful reports. Such feedback from users was the inspiration for Deltek to develop a self-service network analyzer (iAccess analyzer) that facilitates business analysis and reporting, even for novice users. The solution will be available in November 2019. It is an important component of the new web interface because it allows all users to obtain data using a simple self-service query that gives them access to all data, fields and functions to which they have access. Once the system provides the requested information, users can extract data, perform advanced mathematical functions, and create professional graphical reports. They can also dynamically share results with colleagues and clients, as well as save or track favorites. Another functionality that is very important from the clients’ point of view is the ability to perform all tasks using one tool - no matter if it is a computer, telephone or tablet. It has a huge impact on simplifying and shortening processes as well as increasing work efficiency. iAccess gives you the opportunity to use all the features of Maconomy both in the office and outside, using one tool.

To sum up, it should be emphasized that the users of Deltek systems have an important impact on its development. Deltek not only responds to the needs of the market, but also develops solutions that overtake them.

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