01 June 2017

Epicor Rises to #1 in Top 10 ERP Report

According to Panorama, "a total of 1,660 respondents completed the surveys upon which this data is based. And to ensure that the findings are as accurate as possible, data was gathered from Panorama’s annual benchmark surveys between September 2012 and February 2016." 

The research identifies the top ERP systems based on:

  • market share,
  • implementation cost,
  • implementation duration,
  • benefits realization
  • and software functionality. 

"Epicor scored well in each major category, 
namely functionality scores from Panorama clients, 
implementation cost, and implementation duration. 
Just as importantly, Epicor was very consistent 
in its rankings in each of the categories. 
In other words, it wasn’t strong in some and weak in others—
it was consistent in how it fared against other vendors. "
- Eric Kimberling, Managing Partner, 
Panorama Consulting Solutions

Epicor ERP has been recognized as the most widely used system, 
most likely to meet the expectations of its implementation 
and generating the fastest return on investment, 
which guaranteed it a 1 place in the report.

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