20 October 2022

Epicor iScala 2022.1 is now available!

As part of the release naming synchronisation process, the Epicor iScala release naming has been adjusted. Epicor now uses the release year plus the sequential number of the release within this year as a new numbering for iScala application releases.

This release focus on delivering enhancements in the areas of usability, reporting and productivity.
Some of the new enhancements in this release include:

  • Better application performance through multiple Application Server support
  • Configurable Financial Report (CFR) enhancements for import/export and calculatable rows and columns
  • Automation enhancements like scheduled creation of payment proposals and more

In addition to the above, the release of iScala 2022.1 also adds value to the following areas:

  • Enable printout of journals in the jobs
  • Multi-company-year bindings for Scheduled Jobs and Business events
  • Access restriction to company consolidation account mapping
  • Strict control when setting Open from Period
  • SSRS for Sales Order Quotation Template
  • Enhance document tracking archiving
  • VBA - Extend access to MultiSelectionGrid
  • XML VAT Reporting for Norway
  • QR Invoicing for Switzerland

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