11 January 2018

Epicor ERP 10.2 – what’s new in the new version?

Your industry is constantly transforming. You are under pressure to increase productivity while also achieving revenue targets. You need assurance that your technology will support innovations that will support your growth objectives. The deep, global industry knowledge of Epicor ERP delivers proven solutions now and into the future.

Home Page has been redesigned for Epicor ERP 10.2. The new Active Home Page becomes a dashboard providing key, function roles based analytics in addition to quick access to role based functionality

  • BAQ Metric tiles and updatable BAQ view
  • Data Discovery micro tiles and drill through
  • Much better theming capability
  • Company and Site Context aware tiles
  • Pre-defined and delivered functional Home Pages:
  • Financials
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management

Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) is a Business Intelligence solution intended to provide an extremely easy to use and intuitive data exploration, data visualization experience. EDD is a major component of the overall Epicor Data Platform which encompasses a broad set of capabilities for managing, accessing, sharing, cleansing, visualizing, and extracting insights from data created by or related to Epicor created data. Epicor Data Discovery is available on Your Device because Data Discovery is a mobile first responsive web application build on modern web standards. The application is designed to work as well on low-powered touch devices as it does on a powerful desktop with large screen real estate. Features may be disabled on lower powered devices, but the features are still robust. The application detects and automatically adjusts it's layout and behavior to the browser and device accessing it. Mobile browsers open the same URL as desktop browsers, but are presented with a different device right experience.

EDD for (homepage) and Standard (additional BAQs) will be available with the 10.2 launch and is included with Epicor ERP core at no additional cost.


A new tool in Epicor’s portfolio is Epicor Mobile CRM - designed to implement the Epicor ERP 10 back office CRM capability optimized for Mobile devices. This is the first of a new generation of mobile applications to be developed for Epicor ERP

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