05 November 2020

Deltek Insight 2020 Virtual is already behind us!

Despite being an online event, Deltek Insight still recognized customer success with a virtual 2020 MVP Awards ceremony. Through the use of Deltek solution, these project-based businesses each demonstrated how they improved business processes, drove innovation, and increased profitability. Awards were presented in specific industries to companies from around the globe – ranging from 15 up to 120,000 employees. The presentation of the glass trophies was enhanced by the talent performance from the first-ever Deltek Project Nation’s Got Talent competition.

Here are the main takeaways from this year’s event:

Deltek's Commitment to Powering Project Success Is Unwavering

During the opening Chat, Deltek President & CEO, Mike Corkery, discussed the company’s strategy and on-going priorities for 2020 and shared how they haven't changed, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic uncertainty it has caused.

Corkery explained how Deltek has invested in its team and solutions to pivot as needed while still providing its customers the tools and resources they depend on through these uncertain times.

Purposeful Innovation Drives Digital Transformation

A common theme throughout both days of Virtual Deltek Insight was Purposeful Innovation. Warren Linscott, Deltek’s SVP of Product Strategy, spoke about how Deltek has a responsibility, as a trusted partner, to support a customer’s digital transformation by exploring new technologies. Warren explained how Deltek’s purposeful innovation efforts and product innovation strategy hasn’t slowed during the pandemic. „Instead, we’ve been looking at opportunities to pivot our innovation roadmap as the pandemic unfolds, to provide the most value while allowing us to scale to meet customer needs”, said Warren.

For more information about all Deltek Insights sessions please log in to get On-Demand access now to hundreds of sessions led by Deltek experts and customer peers. The learning continues through the end of the year

Top Deltek Insight 2020 Sessions

Deltek Maconomy

1. Maconomy iAccess - A Simple, More Intuitive User Experience - Join this session to learn more about the latest advances in iAccess and how your organization may benefit from using its web-based interface. We demonstrate basic capabilities and show exciting new features including instant chat, a new project dashboard and additional work spaces.

2. A New Level of Project Control: Resourcing for Financial Gain - This session provides updates on the latest developments of Deltek's integration between Maconomy and People Planner and provide the tools needed to establish the most accurate project baseline plans possible, monitor and respond quickly to changes in progress as they occur, and move to a more strategic approach towards capacity management within an organization.

Deltek Project Information Management

1. What is Deltek PIM and Why Should I Care? - Deltek PIM empowers teams to embrace digital transformation from document and email management to workflow and process improvement.

2. Deltek PIM Smart: Can We Help Your Business Work Smarter, Not Harder? - Learn how you can reengage your business with Deltek PIM’s new smart features, ultimately empowering employees to be more productive.

3. The Email Management Challenge & How to Overcome It -  Learn the importance of email management and how Deltek PIM ensures your corporate email can be managed effectively and how automation takes ease of use to the next level.

Deltek WorkBook &  ConceptShare

1. Protect Your Most Valuable Asset with Best Practice Resource Planning - "Right-Sizing" is a common and uncomfortable exercise for the creative industry. Learn the importance of empowering your Resource Managers to take a more impactful role in optimizing resource planning and utilization, so that you can be confident you have the "right size" agency at all times.

2. Forecasting Now and in the Future - Discover what the future holds as "now" meets "next" when the Net Revenue Forecast is properly feeding your finance budgets.

3. Eliminate the Timesheet Headache - Empower users to take an impactful role in their own well-being by recouping valuable time, protecting their own workload balance, and eliminating timesheet headaches by managing tasks and entering time according to industry best practice.

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