10 June 2019

Deltek Collaboration solution powers project collaboration

Powering people and projects is what Deltek has been doing for 30 years so it makes sense you could build better projects together using Deltek Collaboration. Consider how much time you spend doing the basics of project management: sending emails, attending endless meetings, working off of static spreadsheets, and trying to collaborate more to get the job done. When you add it all up, the little things start to make a big difference. Enable your people and teams with a tool to keep them organized and efficient in the project management process so you can deliver your best projects. Deltek Collaboration is a project focused collaboration platform that empowers the individual, team and enterprise.

With Deltek Collaboration, you get an engaging user interface, spaces where you can organize your work and get things done faster together. All with the security and control you would expect in any business solution.


Deltek Collaboration provides spaces for teams to communicate around projects in the context of discussion topics, tasks, calendar events and files. Invite the people you’re working with (both inside and outside of your organization) and begin collaborating with teams, groups or clients today!


Collaborate on project documents using your preferred document solution by integrating with Deltek PIM, Google Docs, Drop Box, Box, directly uploading files or using SharePoint links. File version control for documents is stored directly in Deltek Collaboration and allows contributors to lock a file for editing and manage file version history so teams are always working on the latest version.


Quickly discuss topics or chat around tasks, meetings, events and files – all with context. Keep track of decisions made, notes taken all while keeping team members accountable in one place. You can participate in the conversation through the web or mobile interface or by responding by email.


There is no need for tracking tasks and to-do’s outside the project collaboration, in some disconnected way. Track shared tasks in a group that everyone must complete or track a task you need to accomplish on your own.

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